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What We Do

Honouring the sacred sentiment of Remembrance, while serving, promoting, and acting

Veterans & Seniors

For over 80 years, The Royal Canadian Legion has been devoted to caring for Canada's veterans and their families, to preserving the ideals they represent and to perpetuating the memory of the Fallen. Time allowed for an expansion of these sacred responsibilities, and the Legion of today within BC/Yukon Command serves the elderly well in many diverse capacities. The Legion within BC/Yukon Command is the single largest charitable contributor supporting health, housing, independent living and social programs for veterans and seniors.

Affordable and Assisted Living Housing

Canadian Forces

Duty with honour is the foundation of the Canadian Forces, serving to protect our nation's values, interests and sovereignty at home and abroad. With 62,000 Regular Force Members and 25,000 Reserve Forces including 4,000 Canadian Rangers, Canada's respected international standing as committed humanitarians, is attributable to those who serve in the cause of peace.

The Royal Canadian Legion's longstanding tradition of caring for veterans and their families continues with steadfast determination, as current serving members of the Canadian Forces are as equally deserving. The Legion within BC/Yukon Command designs and supports specialized, acclaimed health and social programs to support members of the Canadian Forces and their families.

Social Programs:


Although The Royal Canadian Legion is well known for their service to Veterans and their families, the same awareness is not evident about the charitable work in the community.

Within BC/Yukon Command, Legionnaires and the Ladies Auxiliary work tirelessly behind the scenes, striving to improve the quality of life for others. With quiet pride and unspoken humility, the work of the Legion touches all citizens.

The Legion within BC/Yukon Command contributes over $3 million every year supporting health, social, educational and heritage programs, filling a void in essential community services.


The Royal Canadian Legion branches have been a strong supporter of their local cadet units for many years and in turn the cadets units have assisted their branches with Poppy Campaigns and other Remembrance activities. 

Legions throughout BC in partnership with local cadet organizations and their sponsors, participate in the Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence Program. The Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence is awarded annually to the cadet having shown a high degree of participation and leadership in the area of citizenship and in meeting and enhancing the aims and objectives of the cadet organization.

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