Military Service Recognition Book

What We Do

What We Do

Honouring the sacred sentiment of Remembrance, while serving, promoting, and acting

Legion Members maintain their place as “Keepers of Remembrance” by using the In Service of Canada Military Service Recognition Book

This annual publication helps recognize many of the military service members and veterans of British Columbia and the Yukon. It goes a long way in helping us as "Keepers of Remembrance" so that none of us forget the selfless contributions made by our veterans and our military personnel. It is immensely appreciated by our veterans and their families. The publication also has significant value as a marketing tool in your community.

The publishing of this book goes a long way in helping us as "Keepers of Remembrance" so that none of us forget the selfless contributions Veterans have made.

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How to Participate

Step 1 – Sourcing Content (Stories, Biographies, Poems, Art and Photos)

  • Appoint a Chairman and committee to collect stories and distribute books at your branch.
  • Source contributions from local veterans, family members, Master’s and PhD students at Universities, local RCMP detachments, local fireman and paramedics, cadet groups, art galleries, museums, other remembrance focused organizations.
  • Ask high-school students to record a story of a veteran they know.
  • Promote the program in your newsletter, at branch meetings, at a table in your branch, and local community boards


Step 2 – Send Your Content for consideration/editing

Please send content that relates to military and RCMP service biographies. Submissions can include short stories, biographies, poems, and high-resolution art work or photos. All submissions will be considered and may be used in an upcoming volume of In the Service of Canada MSRB.

***Please do not send photo albums, newspaper articles written by a third party, original art, hand-bound books or other bulky submissions or anything that needs to be returned.

Story Submission

We're calling upon members of the public to submit stories for the upcoming volume of the history book: Click here for the Submission Form

Ways to Submit:

by email:

or mail to:

BC/Yukon Command
101-17618 58 Ave
Surrey BC   V3S 1L3

The deadline for submissions for the book is June 30 each year.

DISCLAIMER INFO: Upon submitting a history book story, you are giving permission for publication (both online and in the book).


Step 3 – Promote Remembrance, the In the Service of Canada MSRB and Branch Membership

There will be 15,000 copies of this book supplied to BC/Yukon Command branches free-of-charge for local distribution.

Branches can use the finished book for:

  • presentations to schools and libraries
  • donate a few copies to your local library
  • include in promotional packages to community partners
  • thank-you gifts for donating to the poppy fund or purchasing a wreath
  • drop off copies at waiting rooms in medical buildings, dentists, doctors, counselors, mechanics, hair stylists/barbers, etc.
  • send to municipal council members, school boards, or school board trustees
  • or anywhere they think might be best 



This project produces an annual Military Service Recognition Book and raises funds for the Legion. These funds are raised through a telephone appeal to the general public and through advertising sales for the book.

The book publisher, Fenety Marketing, is currently conducting a Telephone Appeal on our behalf to private citizens and business community members throughout BC and the Yukon.

With the funds raised we have supported many important Legion initiatives, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder clinics for young veterans, a military skills conversion project with BCIT to just name a few.