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For the Fallen

In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to take our way of life for granted, and forget that so many men and women sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy. As a nation, it is important to remember those who served and sacrificed, to participate in commemorations that honour the Fallen, and to encourage all Canadians, young and old, to pause, to give thanks and to remember.

The Royal Canadian Legion names National Silver Cross Mother 2017

Diana AbelThe Royal Canadian Legion’s Dominion President David Flannigan is honoured to introduce Mrs. Diana Abel as the National Silver Cross Mother for 2017.

Mrs. Abel’s only son, Corporal Michael David Abel, died on May 3, 1993 while serving in Belet Huen, Somalia, as part of Operation Deliverance. This operation was part of a United Nations peacekeeping effort during the early part of the Somali Civil War.

Advocating for Life-Long Financial Security of Canada's Ill and Injured Veterans

Canadians are hearing more and more about the deep gaps in care and benefits for Veterans. At the forefront of discussion is the New Veterans Charter, a set of benefits adopted in 2006 without clause-by-clause review in Parliamentary Committee and in the Senate because of a perceived view that the Pension Act did not meet the modern needs of many injured and ill Veterans.

Better support urgently needed for Military and RCMP transitioning to civilian life

FamiliesThe challenges military and RCMP members face when transitioning to civilian life has been in the news recently. Although we cannot comment on any specific case due to confidentiality reasons, The Royal Canadian Legion has long been advocating for improvements in services and supports for Veterans transitioning to civilian life.

Legion Members Volunteer in their Communities and Make a Difference Every Day

Our membership is one of the largest volunteer groups in the country, committing millions of volunteer hours each year. At its heart, The Royal Canadian Legion is a grassroots organization that has its greatest impact through volunteer, community-based activities. Although a key focus of the work we do is to honour and support Canada’s Veterans, the Legion grew from a history of service. Today, we continue that tradition by volunteering in our communities, helping to build a stronger Canada.

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