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D-Day Coin Exchange

Canada Post will be hosting four Royal Canadian Mint D-Day circulation coin exchanges in the Vancouver area during the month of June. These events will be free and open to anyone interested. You can come and exchange your change for the new D-Day circulation toonie ($2). 

July 12, 2012: Introductions

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We’re pleased to announce that Mark Steele, Deputy Zone Commander North Shore Howe Sound, has been selected as the official Legion representative on the Canadian Forces (CF) Nijmegen March Team!

Only one representative is selected nation-wide, and Mark has received the honour to train and travel as part of the CF team! The CF Nijmegen March Team has been sponsored by The Royal Canadian Legion since 2000.

July 16, 2012: Vimy Ridge Memorial and Camp

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Mark left July 12 from CFB Comox on Vancouver Island for Europe, picking up the other Canadian teams from across the country along the way. Check out the commemorative arm band identifying Mark’s team, Marine Pacific Esquimalt “MARPAC.” There are 15 teams from across Canada travelling to Holland for the March, Mark’s excited to be in one of them!

Mark arrived in Lille, France on Thursday night (July 12), and was greeted by a police escort (isn’t it nice to travel with the US Ambassador)?

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