Remembrance Day Ceremony

Remembrance Day

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What We Do

Honouring the sacred sentiment of Remembrance, while serving, promoting, and acting

Remembrance Day Ceremony

Date: November 11
Time: Parade 10:45 am, Ceremony 11:00am
Place: The Cenotaph - 7217 4th street, at the corner of Market Street 

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, the general public are discouraged from attending this year.

No parade to cenotaph but a muster of limited Colour Party (6 flags max. and critical wreath presenters. All community wreaths will be preset and receive honourable mention in newspaper. There will be no reception after the ceremony at our Branch.

Order of Service

10:45 am – Parade participants arrive at the Cenotaph
10:47 am – Honour Guard Falls In
10:50 am – President Takes Position
10:52 am – Members of Br 059 & LA take socially distanced position behind President
10:54 am - Opening Remarks
10:56 am - "O Canada"
10:58 am - "Last Post"
11:00 am - The Silence – Two Mins
The Act of Remembrance
Name of the Fallen from the Cenotaph – George Manson
Placing of Official Wreaths
Blessing of Healing – Everett Baker
"Royal Anthem" – God Save the Queen
Closing Remarks
Honour Guard Fall Out
Parade Dismissed


We invite you to join us on Facebook to watch our ceremony live.


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