Port Coquitlam - Remembrance Day Ceremony

Remembrance Day

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What We Do

Honouring the sacred sentiment of Remembrance, while serving, promoting, and acting

Remembrance Day Ceremony

Where: The Wilson Centre - Wilson Avenue
Time: 9:30 am Service at the Wilson Centre

10:15 am Parade assembly on Wilson Street, March to Cenotaph via Wilson, Shaughnessy & McAlister

Where: The Cenotaph at Veterans Park (Shaughnessy & McAllister)
Time: 11:00 am Cenotaph Remembrance Service

Entertainment at the Branch

The Legion is requesting that, as in previous years, you address those assembled as part of the service.  You will be presented with an agenda. 11:45 am after dismissal, you and your guest are invited to join us at the Legion Branch where we will host a reception. 

For more information, visit www.pocolegion.ca