Port Coquitlam - Remembrance Day Ceremony

Remembrance Day

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What We Do

Honouring the sacred sentiment of Remembrance, while serving, promoting, and acting

Remembrance Day Ceremony

Where: The Wilson Centre - Wilson Avenue
Time: 9:30 am Service at the Wilson Centre

10:15 am Parade assembly on Wilson Street, March to Cenotaph via Wilson, Shaughnessy & McAlister

Where: The Cenotaph at Veterans Park (Shaughnessy & McAllister)
Time: 11:00 am Cenotaph Remembrance Service

12:30 Open House

1:00 Singing of O'Canada

1:05 Pipe Band / Cadets

1:45 Church Choir

2:00 Penk O'Donnell Dancers

3:00 Golden Spike Dancers

4:00 Dunvegan Dance Academy

5:00 Revolving Door Band

The Legion is requesting that, as in previous years, you address those assembled as part of the service.  You will be presented with an agenda. 11:45 am after dismissal, you and your guest are invited to join us at the Legion Branch where we will host a reception. 

For more information, visit www.pocolegion.ca