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Welcome to the Service Officer Resource section. Here you will find a variety of useful resources and information relating to the Service Officer Position.

  1. Service Officer Training Resources

  2. Service Officer Forms

  3. Records and Medal Retrieval

  4. Useful Links

For those of you who are new or who would like some self-study resources the “Service Officer Training Resources” section is for you. It contains the current Service Officer Manual, Poppy Manual, and other resources developed by myself and my predecessor Sean Stepan.

If all you need are the digital copies of Service Bureau Forms, then the “Service Officer Forms” section is for you. You will find copies of the Legion Claim Form, Benevolent Assistance Application form, and Poppy Fund Request for Assistance form here.

Sometimes clients will ask you how to retrieve their relatives’ medals or military records. If this is the case, then you will find these forms in the “Records and Medals Retrieval” section. Make sure to pay attention to the name of each form, as the client’s circumstances will affect which form is used.

Finally, we have posted some links to websites that are useful for reference and referral purposes in the “Links” section. There is a lot of interesting and useful information on these websites, so I highly recommend you peruse them when you are able.

Good luck, and I hope you find this useful.


Lori Castle
Service Officer