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The Legion, in partnership The Institute for Healthcare Innovations, is kickstarting a major fundraiser for Canada’s first Veterans Village. The LEGION VETERANS VILLAGE is a new concept for a multi-use facility. This new concept promises to transform the way health care is delivered to Canadian veterans, soldiers and seniors all across the Country. This project is an innovative facility offering services to its surrounding communities and meeting Veterans’ needs today and into the future.

The Royal Canadian Legion has many housing projects throughout the country. LEGION VETERANS VILLAGE is a new venture epitomizing the modern Legion. Expected to be built in Surrey, the new development will be a be a monument in itself to the Service of Canada’s Veterans. Located on the existing Legion property in Whalley, British Columbia, the early concept for LEGION VETERANS VILLAGE includes more than twenty storeys of assisted living, family space, art, community gardens and a therapeutic centre of excellence including a planned research facility integrated into Innovation Boulevard. Drawing inspiration from the form of traditional Canadian monuments, the early concept by architect Michael Green is reminiscent of the Vimy Ridge memorial in France. Its unique façade features iconic poppies that dissipate upwards to the sky, while the base of the buildings curve to envelop a therapeutic garden and community centre.

LEGION VETERANS VILLAGE will serve as a centre for health care and supported living. To enhance the community of Veterans today and tomorrow, the development will include housing, therapies and many amenities. Through LEGION VETERANS VILLAGE, we are solving important issues related to veterans and health care. We are honouring the military service of Canadians and taking care of them and their community in a modern and innovative project. We are building a beacon to show Veterans they have a home that will welcome them forever.

As we continue to attract new funding partners and capital, we expect that this concept will become the standard of care of other communities around Canada where health care for our seniors and veterans is a priority.




Canada's First Veterans Village