Abbotsford's Forgotten Soldiers


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Peter William Slade, Author of "Abbotsford's Forgotten Soldiers"

"If people went through that, they have a right to be recognized."

Abbotsford Legion Branch #15 member and Author Peter William Slade made it his duty to make sure Abbotsford's World War I veterans who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country get the recognition they deserve. Slade has uncovered 19 men who have been left off of Abbotsford's cenotaph for a multitude of reasons through his research and believes there could be even more. "It's like detective work," said Slade about his strenuous research. Slade had to sift through piles of documents, records, newspaper headings, etc, to piece together enough information to ensure the validity of his research. 

The former UFV chemistry instructor even found himself in France and Belgium to help with his research. While in France Slade laid crosses at the graves of the Abbotsford men lost during World War I from the City of Abbotsford that read "The people of the city of Abbotsford, BC thank you for your service and sacrifice." 

Since 2003 Peter William Slade has been a devoted member of the Legion. He has taken on many roles and spent hours helping make his Legion better. "They supported me morally," Slade says of his Legion during the research. Slade has been able to bring the proper recognition these Canadian heroes and their families deserve. The cenotaph in Abbotsford was missing almost one third of the names that deserved to be on there, but no longer. Slade is working to get those names added to their cenotaph. It is passionate people like Peter that make the Legion so great. Click below to watch the interview with Peter. 

If you are interested in getting your own copy of "Abbotsford's Forgotten Soldiers" by Peter William Slade you can contact Peter at or email him at