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Remembrance Day Thank You Cards


During the 2018 Poppy Campaign students of a Westshore Elementary School sent hand-drawn “Thank-You for Your Service” Cards to the Veterans of Prince Edward Branch #91 of the Royal Canadian Legion, Langford. Veterans and their families were moved by each child's words. Seeing each child thank veterans for giving their safety as a sacrifice for all gives us all twenty-two more reasons to remember.


Each Card begins with “Dear Mr. or Ms. Veteran”:


1. “I really appreciate you making sacrifices for our country. It must be hard leaving your family and protecting our country. Because of you more people are safe to go out on the streets.  There more people safe because of you. Thank you we will not forget you.”

Sincerely, Rohail


2. “Thanks for helping us with no fear. I appreciate your work at war. Your work paid off. It saves us from more wars”.

Love, Gavino


3.  “Thank you for risking your life to protect and bring peace to our country. I appreciate that we don’t have to be scared to go to school because of you. We will not forget what the Veterans did to bring peace”.

Yours truly, Kade


4. “I wanted to thank you, you made sacrifice for everyone. You were trying your hardest to protect Canada. I’m so thankful that I have water, food, clothes and a roof over my head. Some kids don’t have access to that but because you risking your life for Canada does. I appreciate that I can walk to school without feeling scared. It must have been so hard. Thank you so much.”

Maya Rose


5.  “Thank you so much for your sacrifices. You make me feel safe when I’m on my bike, on a walk or in a park. Did you miss your family? I bet you were scared for life in war.” From Cruz


 6. “Thank you so much for your sacrifice for this country. Thank you for making world peace. For that I thank you.”

Sincerely, Keagan


7. “I’m so thankful that you gave up everything to protect our country. I can’t imagine how hard it is to leave your family for long periods of time. It is probably as hard to leave behind almost everything you have at home. It is also probably very scary to be out there all day and sometimes all night too. Thank you for everything. Because of you I can have any rights we want. I have clean food and water too because of what you did. You are amazingly brave and kind to do what you do!. I thank you a thousand!”

Yours truly, Vienna


8. “Thank you so much for keeping Canada safe and leaving your families to do so. Canada is safe and sound because of you. Thank you for that. It must be hard to leave and risk your lives but we are glad Canada’s safe. We appreciate it!

Sincerely, Rumaisa


9. “Thank you for making our country a better place. I appreciate that we can walk in the park and not get hurt. You helped me have a happy life. I know it was hard to leave your family, your wife, your kids, pets and other family members. We will never forget what you did for us.”  

Thanks for everything. Chasen


10. “Thank you for giving your life for others. Because of it I’m able to do sports and school and to feel safe. Your sacrifice for your country will never be forgotten. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. I’m thankful for all you did for us. You gave up everything for your country and I am very thankful for that. You are an inspiration to everyone and a big part of our country. Thank you”

Sincerely, Maya   


11. “Thank you so much for helping to bring peace. There are many people in the world without enough to eat. Your work helps make sure more people have enough. We will not forget the sacrifices veterans have made.”

Sincerely, Aoi


12. “Thank you for all that you do. I appreciate you are leaving your families to fight for peace. We will not forget you buy or girls.”

Sinserly, Maison


13. “Thank you so much for fighting for freedom for us. I hope that you are happy and have a good life.”



14.  “Thank you for making our community peaceful and making me able to walk down the street, not worrying about what would happen. You made me happy unlike the life I would have had knowing that I’m not safe anywhere. You saved all of us from terrors. You are willing to sacrifice your life to save everyone else’s. You left your family which was probably harder than anything but you did. Thank You.”

Sincerely, Zoe


15.  “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service and bringing peace to my country. I know how hard it was to leave your family but just remember if it wasn’t for your hard work some people wouldn’t have access to clean water or sometimes food. But all your hard work paid off many years later. I appreciate it more than I can say. So thank you.”

Your friend, Trace


16.  “Thank you so much for sacrificing yourself for us. Also, thank you for bringing peace and letting us go to school. We are thankful for you to sacrifice yourself for the country. We will never forget the people who fought in the war.”  

Thank you. Aidan


17. “Thank you for fighting for our country. You were brave to fight for our freedom every day in rain and cold. Thank you for risking your life.”



18.  “Thank you so much for helping to protect our country. I am so sorry you have to leave your family. I am so happy I can feel super safe everywhere. I am happy I have enough to eat. I appreciate your work.”

Sincerely, Aylin


19. “Thank you so very much for trying your hardest to bring peace. It must be very sad and hard to leave your family. I appreciate that I can go to school without fear. I hope we have no more wars and have peace. Thank you so much for helping. You won’t be forgotten.”

Yours truly, Kaydyn


20. “I appreciate you for giving us peace. I couldn’t imagine being in a place you have to watch out for bombs and other people trying to shoot you. Being away from the people you love for so long would be terrible. So thank you for everything you have done.”

Sincerely, Kylie


21. “Hello my name is Quentin. Thank you so much for willing to sacrifice your life to go to war for us. For letting all of us go to school without being worried. You helped us all of us get food and not be hungry or thirsty.”

Sincerely, Quentin


22.  “Thank you for saving our peace. We really need it. Thank you for being willing to sacrifice your life. There are many people in our world without food and we wouldn’t have enough to eat for our people. We appreciate it. We will never forget you ever.”  

Sincerely, Aliyna


Thanks to Norm Scott, President at Royal Canadian Legion Branch 91 located at 761 Station Ave., Victoria, BC. for sharing these these thank you's.