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Losing your keys is a frustrating, time consuming and expensive experience. As a solution, Legion is sending out their Lost Key Tags for 2016/2017.

Simply attach the key tags to all your key sets and if you lose them you will receive them back in the mail when they are found and sent to us. It is a safe and simple way to increase the likelihood of keys being returned to their owners.

This Key tag program was initiated to help fundraise for the Legion BC/Yukon Foundation, wand any generous donations are greatly appreciated as they support a program that provides peace of mind.

Individuals in the community really value this service and the support for this program has grown dramatically. We cannot thank you enough for supporting.

Legion Member households will receive their key tags in November 2016 so watch your mail box.

Thanks to the Key Tag donations, the Legion is able to support the Veterans Transition Program and offer other programs designed to assist Veterans in need.

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