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This exciting BC/Yukon initiative for current and former Canadian Armed Forces members assists them to successfully develop in their current career or transition to civilian life using a three pronged approach: academic, entrepreneurial and employment.

Participants can choose to follow one, two or all three of the following program paths:


  • Get credit for military experience to fast track their education
  • Get entrepreneurship training to start a business
  • Prepare for a new career

Through the Legion program, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) is helping to accelerate the careers of current and former military members through recognition of military service. This is accomplished by granting block credit toward advanced placement into a diploma or degree program. Advanced placement helps qualified military members get a jumpstart on a civilian credential by enabling them to complete a diploma in one year full-time instead of two years. A degree can then be completed within an additional year full-time.


Wondering if you qualify for the program?

The BCIT Legion Program accepts participants with current or previous military experience, regardless if it is Reserve Force, Regular Force or National Guard, three years or thirty years. You may also be eligible if you have military experience from USA, New Zealand, Australia, or Britain.


If you would like to participate in the program, please contact the BCIT Legion Program at 604-456-8192 or BCIT_Legion@bcit.ca


Here’s what MCpl Stuart Leamy, BBA has to say about the program:


"Upon arriving home from my last deployment suffering from an injury I had sustained, I began to look for other career possibilities. In late 2012 I came across the Legion Program at BCIT where I was given the opportunity to earn my business degree in two and a half years. Choosing to major in Human Resources, I plan on working in the HR profession where I am confident I will excel thanks to BCIT and the Legion Program. Throughout my 12 years in the Canadian Forces, the biggest hurdle for members is the transition to civilian life. If it wasn’t for the Legion Program I am not sure if I would have gone back to school and been given this opportunity to find the career that was right for me."