The Legion's Poppy Funds

Your poppy donations at work:

For years, you've generously donated and proudly wore your poppies to show you remember. Did you ever wonder where the money goes? Although the annual poppy campaign only lasts for a couple of weeks each fall, poppy funds are hard at work all year long.

Here are a few examples of your poppy donations at work:

  • Assisting any person (and their dependants) who is serving (or who has honourably served) in the Canadian Forces and are in need of assistance.
  • Legion Veterans Transition Program (at UBC): a relief & recovery program for trauma-related stress from military service.
  • Housing for homeless veterans, such as Cockrell House in Victoria
  • Disaster relief when declared by governments.

The 2014 Poppy Campaign commenceson the last Friday of October to November 11th.

This year, as a new generation of Veterans return home from overseas duties, poppy donations have never been so important. 

Veterans will turn to the Legion for affordable housing, education and most critical, trauma repair, relief and recovery...and the Legion will be there.

Text “Poppy” to 20222 and make a $5 Donation

Each branch of The Royal Canadian Legion has a Poppy Fund, and volunteer poppy campaigners work tirelessly throughout the poppy campaign to fundraise and to help Canadians to remember.