The Legion Foundation

The Legion Foundation is the giving arm of The Royal Canadian Legion-BC/Yukon Command. It is generously supported by the Legion’s branches, Ladies’ Auxiliaries and the Legion’s Poppy Funds—who tirelessly fundraise to support the Foundation’s giving objectives.

Look around. In nearly every corner of Canadian communities, you will find meaningful
contributions, brought to you by the Legion Foundation, and its generous donors:

  • Critically important programs for veterans and seniors
  • Medical equipment in your local hospital
  • Sporting events for your children
  • Housing support for your grandparents
  • Buildings, programs, much-needed services
  • The list goes on. And the need is great!

Giving means saying “Thank You” and “I care about my community”—with your cheque book, credit card—even your cell phone. Your financial contributions make a world of difference.

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