Start a Legion Riders Chapter

Become a Member

Become a Member

Did you know? Everyone is welcome to join, you do not need to be a Veteran or related to a Veteran. 

Start a Legion Riders Unit

A group of Legion Riders may form a Unit at their local Branch to coordinate local activities, to raise funds and to participate in community motorcycle rides. Volunteer to start a Unit or coordinate Legion Riders activities in your area!

Legion Riders is not coordinated nationally. Riders may use the information and resources below to start a Unit.

Legion Rider Unit Guidelines

A group of Legion Riders may form Units and would be under the jurisdiction of the Branch to which the majority of the Unit members belong.

  • Legion Rider Units are coordinated by local Legion Rider members.
  • Legion Rider Units are organized and operated at the discretion of the Branch.
  • There are no by-laws specific to Legion Riders membership.
  • There is no ‘minimum participation’ required.
  • There is no cost to join (unless your Branch wishes to make Unit membership a fundraising opportunity).
  • Units may meet in their Legion Branch or other facilities.

Tips to Start a Legion Riders Unit

  1. Legion Rider Units are organized and operated at the discretion of the Branch. Please contact your Branch for details and processes.
  2. Identify a Legion Riders coordinator or team at your Branch who can coordinate group activities and be responsible for your Unit's communications.
  3. Download and print the Legion Riders Release and Consent Form for new Legion Riders to sign. This information will be helpful when coordinating and communicating Legion Riders activities to your members.
    Please note: This form is to assist Branches in tracking their Unit members.
  4. Promote Legion Riders to all Branch members through brochures, posters, branch announcements, newsletters, email, and on your Branch website and social media.
  5. Download and print:
  6. Let your Zone and Provincial Command know that your Branch started a Unit and your Branch’s Legion Riders coordinator would like to connect with other local Legion Riders units. Your Zone or Provincial Command may be able to put you in touch with other Branches in your area and help you communicate local Legion Riders activities. List of Branches with registered Legion Riders
  7.  For Legion Rider members that wear motorcycle vests or jackets, encourage them to purchase the official Legion Riders crest. See the Legion Poppy Store for a variety of Legion Riders items.

Tips to Coordinate Unit Activities

  • Identify motorcycle events and fundraisers in your community that your Unit may be interested in and coordinate Unit participation.  The Legion is a proud partner of Ride For Dad and we encourage all Units to participate in their events.
  • Share local events with other area Legion Riders Units and encourage other Units to join you.
  • Organize your own Legion Riders promotional events, fundraisers and activities! Popular ideas include a charity bike ride and BBQ, poker runs, meet and greets, and recruitment drives.
  • Develop connections with supportive motorcycle organizations in your region to share event information and encourage participation.

Customised regional Legion Riders logo

The Legion Riders logo is a registered trademark. Inquiries regarding use of registered Legion trademarks can be obtained by contacting

  1. Add your Branch or Unit information to the Legion Riders logo when promoting local or regional initiatives. See the attached template for guidelines and logo format.
    Guidelines    Design file