Eligibility Criteria

Become a Member

Become a Member

Did you know? Everyone is welcome to join, you do not need to be a Veteran or related to a Veteran. 

To be eligible, members must be in good standing and should have their membership card for the year in which the championship is being held in their possession at the site of the championship.            

General Eligibility for Branch and Ladies Auxiliary Members

BC/Yukon Command sporting events are open to members in good standing as defined in the General By-laws, including the Ladies Auxiliary.

A member who is not in good standing is someone who meets Section 1203(d) of the General By-laws: A member who has not paid their membership dues by January 31st of that year is no longer a member in good standing for any purpose.  However, as soon as the membership dues are paid, the member’s status of being “in good standing” is immediately restored permitting all rights and privileges.

New members are eligible to participate in sports immediately. NEW member’s status is someone who has NEVER belonged to The Royal Canadian Legion at any time.

Reinstatements and members, who have transferred into a branch, must be members in the new branch as of 31 January of the year prior to the year of the playoffs to be eligible.

It has been recognized that a rigid application of the above criteria can be unfair. Exceptions have been authorized to permit members in the following circumstances to participate:

  • An eligible member, in good standing, who is a member of a branch that was required to surrender its charter and the member has submitted an application to transfer to another branch, shall enjoy the same rights and privileges he/she would have enjoyed had the charter not been surrendered and the branch dissolved.

  • A member who retires or who has been transferred by their employer or the member’s personal circumstances dictated a change of employment, is eligible to participate, providing the member can, on request, provide proof that:

  • the transfer was initiated by the employer,

  • the member was a member of the branch at their former place of residence on or before 31 January of the year preceding the year in which the competition is to take place,

  • the member changed their permanent place of residence, and

  • further to the above, the member has one year of grace, from the effective date of retirement, change of employment and/or permanent resident, to transfer his membership to his new branch.

The Zone Commander is responsible to confirm to the Command office, through the completed Acknowledgement and Entry form, that any member proceeding to the BC/Yukon Command level of competition is a paid up member in good standing for the prior year and for the current year in which the Command level championships are held.

For transferred members, they must follow the criteria as set out in the Sports Guide, stating they MUST have been a member of their new branch as of January 31, the year PRIOR to the Command level championships.

Any branch with less than 100 members in any one Zone, and who cannot field their own team may join with another branch and may request a maximum of two (2) players from that branch within the same Zone.

Branches should encourage their Ladies Auxiliary members to participate and make them aware of their eligibility to participate in Member Participation Sports. The same rules govern their participation as for Branch members. Where Ladies Auxiliary members participate, they do so as part of their particular branch, not separate and apart from the branch.

Participants must register in person at each level of the competition, and must produce their current membership card or receipt upon registration at Branch, Zone, BC/Yukon and Dominion Command championships.