About Us

About the Legion BC/Yukon Command

One of the foremost respected community
service organizations in Canada

Our mission is to serve Veterans, including serving military and RCMP members and their families, to promote Remembrance, and to serve our communities and our country.

About BC/Yukon Command:

The Royal Canadian Legion/BC Yukon Command is a non-profit organization consisting of 145 Branches, 60 Ladies' Auxiliaries and over 47,000 members. We are one of the foremost and most respected community service organizations in Canada, serving veterans, ex-service personnel, seniors, youth and many aspects of community life.

At the Legion, we are guided by three pillars: Remember, Join & Give

Remembering allows us to reflect and honour long-term veterans and their families, and to be here to support a new generation of veterans.

Joining is all about membership and volunteering. The Legion is where belonging matters, and where you can make a real difference with your time and talent.

Giving means saying Thank You and I care about my community with your cheque book, credit card and even your cell phone! Your financial contributions make a world of difference.

The Legion is a democratic, non-partisan, member based organization. We endeavour to make a difference in the lives of Veterans, including military and RCMP members and their families; to support our communities and our country, and to always remember the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

The Legion serves all Veterans:

The Royal Canadian Legion was founded by Veterans and for Veterans. We advocate for the care and benefits for all who served Canada, regardless of when or where they served. The Legion also provides representation and assistance to Veterans, including currently serving Canadian Armed Forces and RCMP, and their families, and access to our services is available to them at no cost, whether or not they are Legion members. The Legion helps thousands of Veterans each year and makes significant positive changes in their lives. 

Click here to learn more about how we advocate for our Veterans.

The Legion exists so that Canada never forgets:

The Legion understands the importance of honouring past sacrifices and acknowledging the courage of those who served and still serve today. Through Remembrance Day ceremonies, the Poppy campaign, commemorative activities, youth education programs and more, the Legion helps Canadians to honour and remember.

Did you know the Legion...

  • Has over 47,500 members who contribute over 600,000 volunteer hours each year?
  • Supports over 400 youth groups including Boy Scouts, Girl Guides & Cadets?
  • Donates $7 million/year to a community, health, education & sports programs?
  • Offers bursaries & scholarships?
  • Funds medical research & specialized medical equipment?
  • Raises over $21 million through gaming for academic & youth programs?
  • Is the sole sponsor for the National Track & Field Championships?
  • Membership is open to any Canadian over 18?